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1)    Sugar-sweetened drinks can cause pancreatic cancer.[i]

2)    Soft drink consumption may lead to hyperactivity and other mental problems.[ii]

3)    Sugar-sweetened drinks can lead to obesity, heart disease and other aspects of the metabolic syndrome.[iii]

4)    Cola consumption has been linked to osteoporosis in women.[iv]

5)    Soft drinks have been linked to liver disease.[v]

6)    Many types of soft drinks have been linked to headaches.[vi]

7)    Many types of soft drinks have been linked to asthma.[vii]

8)    Energy drinks with similar ingredients to soft drinks may cause epilepsy.[viii]

9)    Soft drinks can cause development of kidney stones.[ix]

10)  Soft drinks can lead to low potassium levels (Hypokalema).[x]

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More citations in Killer Colas

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More citations in Killer Colas

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More citations in Killer Colas

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More citations in Killer Colas

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More citations in Killer Colas

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More citations in Killer Colas


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